Trump somehow thinks bluffing China & North Korea will work.


WASHINGTON D.C. — So the Orange Menace aka Donald The Chump Trump has decided to keep up with the bluster, showing basically that Russia, China and North Korea are playing him like a fiddle.

Dummy has tried to play to his (eventually doomed) supporters that war plans are being drawn up. That doesn’t make sense at all.  The reality is that Trump will be made to go skulking back to his corner after the G-20 summit’s fruitless sideline chats, having been completely ignored and embarrassed and even heckled by other politicians there.

No problem!  Back to Twitter to attack some Hollywood movie star or hapless female journalist and all will be forgotten.


U.S. President Donald Trump vowed on Thursday to confront North Korea “very strongly” following its latest missile test and urged nations to show Pyongyang that there would be consequences for its weapons program.

North Korea on Tuesday test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that some experts believe has the range to reach the U.S. states of Alaska and Hawaii and perhaps the U.S. Pacific Northwest. North Korea said it could carry a large nuclear warhead.




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