Fake BKK Taxi Driver Arrested in Robbery / Rape Case


BANGKOK, THAILAND — The streets of Bangkok are a bit safer after the BIB apprehended yet another taxi driver rapist except this time, he wasn’t actually a taxi driver at all, but rather someone who copied the plate of a real taxi and went on a rampage raping and robbing several Chinese tourists.

This story also shows the power of deeply networked CCTV.  The police were able to track him down easily.

Western countries like the US, in places like crime-ridden Chicago, might do well to revise laws and enable such technology.  It beats cops showing up hours or days later and indifferently noting why they might not even both making a report.

Source: CHIANGRAI TIMES http://www.chiangraitimes.com/fake-bangkok-taxi-driver-arrested-over-rape-and-robbery-of-chinese-tourist.html

Police have arrested a taxi driver who allegedly raped and robbed a Chinese tourist.

Khan Na Yow police arrested Chaipat Klinsukhon, 32, on Friday night. He was taken to re-enact the crime at the scene at 10am on Saturday.

Pol Colonel Sing Singdej, commander of Khan Na Yow police station, said the Chinese tourist, 42, filed a complaint with his station at 1am on Wednesday, alleging that Chaipat had raped her and taken her smartphone and 2,000 baht in cash.

Sing said police checked CCTV footage to trace Chaipat before making an arrest.



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