One Thai killed, 30 Chinese tourists injured @ Patong Hill bus crash

PHUKET, THAILAND–  The slippy hill outside of Patong has caused yet another major crash this time injuring 30 Chinese tourists and killing one local lass.  The winding hill simply is impossible to navigate safely during certain conditions even by normal size well equipped vehicles much less lumbering tour buses.

Most of the injured were evacuated safely but it’s a sad event the passing of the local on the motorbike.  If you in or traverse this area please do so with utmost caution and if on two wheels do your best to stay well back and ahead of other 4 wheeled vehicles as in the turns they’ll always cut you off.  A helmet should not be a second thought.

-Source: Phuket Gazette

A motorbike driver died instantly last night when her head was crushed by a ‘broken down’ tour bus. The incident, which also sent more than 30 “shocked and moaning” Chinese passengers aboard the bus to hospital, occurred as the two vehicles descended Patong Hill westbound.

The fatality, Ms Rattana Sukpisal, 44, had a passenger with her on the bike. The passenger escaped with minor injuries.

Following the collision with the motorbike, the bus crashed into the concrete wall at the foot of the hill, a place where scores of buses have come to rest following gruesome accidents over the past several years.



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