Cybersecurity threat triggers security lockdown amid threat from Petya ransomware

BANGKOK, THAILAND– Looks like the latest world-wide cyber attack has fallen flat either by mistake on the part of the hackers or by design.  Initial data shows that Iraq, a state sponsor might actually be the culprit but it’s actually impossible to verify.  To those using outdated Microsoft systems beware, you’d better backup your data offline and keep it safe someplace.

And to those running other systems, do note that most spy agencies worldwide have access to everything, not just your phone, PC and home devices but likely even your car computer and RFID chimps implanted in millions of locations.  So before you think you’re going to pull a Keanu Reeves move like in the Matrix, GUESS AGAIN.

-Source: The Nation

THAILAND has heightened its cybersecurity to cope with potential damage from Petya ransomware that crippled some computer facilities in several Western countries.

As of Wednesday night, there had been no reports of Thai state agencies or private enterprises being affected by Petya, said Surangkana Wayuparb, executive director and chief executive officer of Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA). The agency operates Thailand Computer Emergency Response Team (ThaiCERT) which is spearheading the improved security.

Regardless, the agency urged everyone involved in cybersecurity to take precautions, especially those responsible for the country’s critical infrastructure such as electricity, transport, healthcare, banking and finance, as well as national security operations.




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