Russia to Bangkok Flight Hits Massive Turbulence, 27 Injured!


BANGKOK THAILAND –An Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Bangkok encountered severe “clear sky turbulence” which resulted in massive number of serious injuries ranging from spinal damage, exposed bone breaks, head injuries, etc.  27 of the passengers on the flight were hospitalized and several remain in serious condition.

The event occurred when the plane was over Myanmar, while the passengers were filling out their Thai entry forms.  The passengers were not advised to have seat belts on at the time as there were no storm conditions to warrant belts-on.

Video tells the tale of the stunning aftermath.

An article on The Daily Mail tells the full story:

Passengers on an Aeroflot flight from hell have told how severe turbulence was like being ‘spun around in a washing machine’ with ‘blood everywhere’.

Witnesses have recounted seeing blood on the ceiling of the plane, which was flying between Russia and Thailand.

Some were convinced they were going to die, fearing the Boeing 777 was crashing to the ground as oxygen masks were released.

More images were revealed today of the aftermath of the turbulence which led to some 27 passengers suffering broken bones, concussion, cuts and bruises some 40 minutes before the tourist flight was due to land at Bangkok.

Three babies were among the injured. At least four people require surgery for serious injuries, and several are expected to be in hospital for several weeks.

A heroine emerged from the shocking incident, a young medical student named only as Ekaterina, who treated the victims after the 15 seconds of carnage onboard the Russian plane.

Russian criminal investigators have opened a preliminary probe into the horror, interviewing all those on board to ascertain if correct procedures were followed.

Passenger Liliya Kovernikova said: ‘Nothing suggested we were in a dangerous situation, but suddenly the plane was thrown around three times.

‘Everybody and everything on board got spun around like being inside a washing machine.’

She suffered a minor injury to her neck, but said: ‘Almost nobody was wearing belts.

‘We were not warned to fasten seat belts. The majority of passengers were peacefully filling in their immigration cards at that moment, thinking about landing.’

Medical student Ekaterina said: ‘Blood was everywhere, on armrests, on the ceiling because many hit it. I have a medical training so of course I could not sit quietly.’

The crew gave her a first aid kit and she helped injured passengers amid fears that some had broken their spines.

‘I told some of them not to move and to lie where they were on the floor.

‘It was dangerous to lift them because obviously their spines might have been broken.

‘When I finished with the first aid and nothing more could be done, we just had to wait.’

Passengers claimed that when the aircraft landed in the Thai capital, there were no ambulances waiting to help the 27 wounded.

It was claimed they had to wait an hour for medical assistance.

In the event, there were broken bones – but not spines.



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