NETFLIX Streaming @ Smart TV’s In Thailand


I was looking for a smart TV for a while, and after deciding on a budget, I stopped past several Udon Thani electronics stores.

Pet Peeve Alert: One of the things that I get really irritated about as a shopper of such things is that I plan to drop serious cash down, and when I walk in, all the guys working the electronic dept are blasting multiple music & movie channels, paying little if any attention to the customers. If effect, drowning them out. So I usually take advantage of the fact the idiots are very easy to identify, and find a responsible loner away from the crowd who can actually help.

In this case I lucked into it with a polite fellow who went and systematically turned down all of the other music and video, and came back to advise me in depth about every system.

It was clear that if you plan on getting anything good, over 15,000THB ($500.00USD) is a likely place to start.  It’s basically a home theater that connects to the net these days.

And that gets us onto NETFLIX. At first I was disappointed that there were so few offerings. But now I see more and more of what I like coming into the collection.

Today I get to watch “The Book Of Eli” which is a very well put together film, and less mainstream. I’ll do a review here soon of it.

For those of you addicted to the most recent NETFLIX series, they seem to have them all on tap.




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