Heavy Thunderstorm Kills Two @ Udon Thani


The constant danger from thunderstorms has taken two lives today, one in Ban Non Sa-ard district and one in Muang Udon Thani district.

Expats and residents alike are reminded to keep constant watch during this season for down bursts as they are known.

Down bursts consist of falling clouds of rain that slam down on the surface and cause substantial damage.

The danger from all of the debris is quote serious.

udon thani thunderstorm

From Nation Multimedia:

Two people were killed after thunderstorms hit two districts in Udon Thani province on Sunday evening.

Authorities said the first victim was a resident of Ban Thom Pa Kham village in tambon Thom Na Ngam, Ban Non Sa-ard district.

Police said Ratree Udonkhet, 49, was killed when a house pole fell on her after a tree was topped by a storm and fell onto her house.

Siriroj Phume, 24, was electrocuted after he tried to help a villager who was rendered unconscious by short circuit caused when a storm topped an electricity pole onto a road.

None Sa-ard district chief Chatchawal Pathanon said the storms in his district damaged 186 houses.

Muang Udon Thani district chief Natthapol Withi said 104 houses in four tambon were damaged in his district.




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