North Korea Displays 2 New ICBMs @ Military Parade



As read in an article in NY Times today the North Korean military has displayed two new Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles which theoretically have the capability to strike the United States mainland.

North Korea’s latest military hardware, including what analysts said appeared to be three types of intercontinental ballistic missiles, rolled through Pyongyang, the North’s capital, on Saturday, as the country tried to demonstrate that its military reach is expanding at a time of heightened tensions with the United States.

As the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, watched from a platform surrounded by elderly military officers, long columns of goose-stepping soldiers, accompanied by a fleet of tanks, missiles and rocket tubes, marched through a large plaza.

Saturday was the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, the country’s founder, Kim Jong-un’s grandfather and the man the younger Mr. Kim tries to emulate, in looks and action. Kim Il-sung’s birthday, called the Day of the Sun, is the North’s most important holiday and a key moment for scoring propaganda points.

In my opinion, these appear to be the latest in the long line of missiles made from old discarded Campbell’s soup cans. Probably filled with Chicken Noodle soup or recycled Kim Chee, the represent the latest in propaganda moves from a tired regime that should have been shut down long ago.

And as quoted in the Japan Times, the war hype once again rings hollow:

Worries about a potential military conflict continue to rise on the Korean Peninsula as Pyongyang declares it is ready to conduct another nuclear weapons test at any time and the USS Carl Vinson strike group steams toward waters off North Korea.

U.S. officials continue to assert that “all options are on the table,” which presumably includes a pre-emptive strike. In response, in an interview Friday, North Korean Vice Minister Han Song Ryol said “we will go to war if they choose.”

In public, officials in Tokyo have welcomed Washington’s tough stance. But in private, reactions are mixed.

Japanese officials affirm that attacking North Korea is easier said than done, and the senior officials do not appear to seriously believe Washington will soon launch a military strike against Pyongyang. At least for now.

“The situation is not like that,” a senior Japanese government official said Friday when asked whether Tokyo needs to start preparing to evacuate Japanese residents from South Korea.

Tokyo has asked Washington not to attack the North without prior consultation, partly because the estimated 57,000 Japanese there will need to be evacuated should war ever break out, government sources said.

Washington has largely agreed to that request, the sources said.

As of Saturday, Japan had not issued any warnings to nationals in or traveling to South Korea, although “numerous” Japanese had contacted the Foreign Ministry to ask how serious the security situation on the peninsula really is, they said.

If we DO happen to activate for war, here’s a video from a FOX News article on our combat readiness:



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