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UDON THANI NEWS Ghost in the Shell Trailer Robo Geisha Attacks

GHOST IN THE SHELL UDON THANIThe fat lady sings early in this one. I wandered over the Landmark Tukkom I almost forget why, -I think I needed to pay some staff or something from the ADM machine. Anyhow I got to the 6th floor and snapped some pics of the very swank theater area. Pretty nice setup that actually deserves more to be at Central or even Centara (good idea!)

On the way down the escalator I saw the waybill in Thai for “Ghost in the Shell“, but due to laziness in Thai Language class I couldn’t make out what the actual month and date were, as written on the schedule.

The polite girl at the ticket desk informed me that in fact, “Ghost In The Shell” was starting in 4 minutes, albeit in Thai.  “Mai Bpen Rai” I said, how much is it?

One Hundred Ten THB later I was sauntering over to theater 1. Huh, only like 6 people in here, and the sound system was deafening. The ticket desk girl was right, sit toward the back, as the first half of rows would have blown out my ear drums.

And the trailers and commercials took forever, we’re talking 20 minutes easy! Finally the sound toned down for the actual movie.

GHOST IN THE SHELL UDON THANISo the robo geisha attack seen in most of the trailers happens a bit early on, and the cinematic luxury the director took with it, in it’s intricate beauty and finely textured color schemes, was somewhat absent from the rest of the movie save for wider more distant shots of the city’s neon animated skylines, etc.

So much of the visuals are borrowed from Blade Runner, and Matrix.

Revelation: Perhaps the plot is a mixture of Blade Runner and The Matrix as well eh?

Scarlett what’s-her-face, well, she’s a bit too dulled down in this flick. But then she was still the perfect choice in terms of casting from a “Hollywood, Inc.”, sort of standpoint. I tried to think who else might have fit the bill. Linda Fiorentino? Oh but she must be like a hundred eighty years old by now. So Miss Johannsen it is. And for all we know it’s the director who made it a tad too clinical.

It’s still very much worth the 110THB, and the English-language version is coming in late April, probably after Songkran, so I’ll give that a try too. All in all I give it an 8 out of 10 rating in terms of acting, script, etc, and a 9 out of 10 for the visuals.

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s a video review from Game Spot:



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