Heart Health Resources For Udon Thani Expats


It’s no mystery as to why a lot of expats in Udon Thani and throughout Thailand suffer from some form of ill health with regards to their heart. The combination of adapting to the culture, making ends meet, adjusted diet, possibly raising a family, all while staying on a visa here, add quite a bit of pressures above and beyond the norms of daily life “back home”.

As one stays longer in Thailand, it becomes clear that advice from other expats is critical to survival here. Medical care in Udon Thani (the town) is comparatively advanced to that of Nong Khai and neighboring provinces. Yet one still may find it necessary, even critical to their survival, to access the other areas for help. In the case of those with no insurance and little extra cash, this means government hospitals. Or dealing with heart specialists at their local clinics, for example Naga Clinic on Udon Dutsadi Road.

Queen Sirikit Heart Hospital, Khon Kaen:

The first hospital of note is Khon Kaen’s Queen Sirikit Heart Hospital. It’s been noted by some expats as the go-to option for those on low income. But beware, when you go there, you absolutely must bring a Thai with you, and preferably one who’s savvy as to dealing with the many people you are going to see from the start of admittance, all the way through your treatments.

Naga Clinic Udon Thani:

Bangkok Hospital Udon Thani:




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