Welcome to Udon Thani News. Our service started as a helper site for all of our Udon Web Design customers, as well as an alternative to the forums and news sites that were just borrowing content from Bangkok Post or other sites and recycling it.

Udon Thani News provides an entire range of services connected to our web design and hosting business including marketing, SEO, advertising in print, video, online and via email and direct mail.

If you have a business that needs exposure beyond the normal facebook posts and occasional callouts of local forums, then you are on the right site.

Udon Thani News can create in-depth articles and a wide range of ad banners and youtube markaeting videos across it’s entire Isaan Info, Bangkok Info, and related networks.

If you are new to the area, drop us a line and we can send you our Udon Thani Expat’s Guide for FREE.  The Guide includes a synopsis of all that is Udon Thani with regard to Food & Drink, Accommodation, Real Estate, Local retainers and wholesalers, Medical facilities, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, University & Trade Schools and everything an expat would need to know about with unvarnished factual reporting.

The Udon Thani News forum is run by a close-knit team of moderators who have all lived in the area for over 10 years each.  Most of our content is not divided between commercial and business lines. Yet our site is also not just a banter and jokes site. The community you find on here consists of experienced business owners and their community, who are able to coexist as peers rather than as adversaries.

We also feature the Udon Thani Wiki, which is a self-run system of facts about the area going back throughout it’s history as a trade depot. The wiki gives everyone equal chance to publish along peer-reviewed lines. This system allows all of the static information and news about Udon Thani to exist in an easy to read format.  Forum software changes pages daily, and very useful information is lost as soon as a new fora page is generated. The paginated system of information is very difficult to search, and hundreds if not thousands of valuable posts and buried, literally, by the daily buzz.

Forums are great in that the users do all the data entry, but terrible at allowing newcomers to access useful info over 10 days old.