Stolen luxury cars confiscated at Thai port


BANGKOK, THAILAND– Looks like the customs folks are cracking down on what’s likely a VERY widespread automobile theft ring.  Chances are also that it’s just to “send a message” e.g. break the ring up but not pull in any possibly embarrassing culprits if you get my drift.

Source: Bangkok Post and then the link to the story

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) confiscated two luxury cars reported as having been stolen from Britain, at a port in Thailand on Friday. One of the vehicles is a white Nissan GT, while the other is a Mercedes-Benz GL.

DSI officials have found records that these two stolen vehicles were in Thailand when Britain submitted the list of stolen vehicles. But a previous check at a free zone in Bangkok showed these two expensive vehicles had been exported from Thailand to Hong Kong. The DSI, therefore, ordered the exporter to have the vehicles shipped back.

The two vehicles reached Thailand on Friday morning.

The DSI has vowed to investigate alleged wrongdoings involving these vehicles.




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