Vegan “Too Annoying” Denied Citizenship, Wins Swiss Passport


In a win for vegetable murderers and those who dislike cowbells and min-piglet races, 43 year old Dutch-born Nancy Holten has been granted citizenship in Switzerland.

The background story is that locals in her village of Gipf-Oberfrick were irked by her campaigns to stop the use of cowbells.

Apparently the townies in Switzerland have the right to vote on any citizenship application, and had rejected Holten’s twice on the grounds of being “too annoying”.

Oddly enough through all of this there’s no mention of her husband past or present, even though it’s said she has two children both with Swiss citizenship.

An article in tells the tale:

The left wing activist argues that the cowbells are cruel to the animals and has also protested against piglet racing and hunting, a televised sport.

Nancy, who says she is a freelance journalist, model and drama student, said: “The sound that cow bells make is a hundred decibel. It is comparable with a pneumatic drill. We also would not want such a thing hanging close to our ears?”

The mum-of-two has a problem with the village church bells too, which she claims are too loud.

According to The Local, authorities overruled the decision on Friday, stating that Nancy met “all the prerequisites for naturalisation”.

She told the newspaper: “It is no longer very pleasant here, even though there are people in the village who have been supportive.

“I’ve stayed for the sake of the children. They live in this village, have their friends here, and go to school here and this is their home environment.

“Perhaps I will move to the next village. We’ll see.”

Nancy has been given her own show on TV station Schweiz 5, which is set to air over the summer.

She also uses her YouTube channel to campaign over animal welfare concerns.

When the Dutch citizen first applied for a Swiss passport in 2015, a majority of 144 out of 206 locals in the residents’ committee voted against her.

Swiss locals often get to vote on applications for citizenship in councils where the applicants live rather than the federal government.



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