USS Michigan Nuclear Sub @ Busan Korea, NORKS Freak


BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA –The USS Michigan, a U. S. Nuclear Powered and likely nuclear armed OHIO class submarine paid a port call in Busan South Korea, much to the consternation of the NORKS and likely the Chinese.

It remains to be seen whether last week’s “armada” going in the “wrong direction” was an accident, or a cunning and intentional ruse on the part of the generals.

It would be rather clever to sail a few nuke subs offshore of NKOR, taunt them that we are “sending an armada” of surface ships, then sail the carrier group away behind some islands.

If the NORKS launched a nuke attack, the subs might have been able to interdict rapidly.

Solid plan if you ask me.  NKOR can suck a husky.





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